Thursday, December 18, 2014

Done Streaming

I really should have updated or posted with the stream link.  Hopefully those who came here were redirected from somewhere with the actual link.

Edit:  I did. I'm just so tired I forgot doing it.

Thank you all who came for watching!  Was a really productive stream and was great talking to you all!

A lot of people were interested if I was going to stream again.  I wasn't planning on it originally, but knowing that people are interested I might plan a few more.

Follow my stream at to know when I go live.


  1. How long untill the first .jar?


    1. I have a test build out for testers currenty. I'm currently working on getting all the text done for all the technologies, and filling in any missing recipes. If they find minimal bugs and I finish the techs, I'll push out a beta .jar.

      This will obviously be a work in progress. I already have lots of tweaks/changes in mind, but with the idea of actually getting something out I'm saving them after this first .jar.

      Basically, as soon as I have an assurance that the current build works, won't break your worlds, and I have all the content so far finished.