Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Status

I'm officially a Programmer TA for the NHSGA Program at Carnegie Mellon this summer.  Yay!

This also means that the job comes first.  However, I want to be true to myself and continue to work on this.  Unfortunately, due to moving out / moving in, and recent family matters...I haven't touched this code in the last 3 weeks.  However, there's actually not all that much left to do, if I can crank it out.

I still am planning for an Alpha release by the end of this month.  That means, everything below works.  Maybe not well, maybe not perfectly, the design is likely unfinished and technology / decomposition trees are likely to change...but it will be out.

Here's an update on what I have been able to work on though.

in progress



  • Graphing Algorithm
 TileEntities -
  • Research Console
    • For putting research materials into, and performing the actual work of researching.
  • Research Computer
    • Allows players to view their current Technologies, and see what is required to advance into other areas.
Items -
  • Portable Computer
    • Portable research computer



  • Rebalance  
  • Assembler Recipes
  • Time Recipes
  • Dimension Recipes

Ores -
  • Titanium
  • Platinum
  • Farenite
  • Malenite - Nether
TileEntities -
  • Encoder
  • Reconstructor (Micro, Nano, Femto)
  • Deconstructor (Micro, Nano, Femto)
  • Furnace (Micro, Nano, Femto)
  • Crystallizer (Micro, Nano, Femto) Being moved to mining submodule
  • Horologe (Nano, Femto)
  • Entangler (Nano, Femto)
  • Vacuum Tube (discriminating)
  • Vacuum Hub
  • Suction Pipe
  • Compression Chest (Micro, Nano, Femto) Being moved to storage/utility submodule
Items -
  • Ores
  • Schematics
  • Deconstruction/Reconstruction materials
  • Interface Devices (Micro, Nano, Femto)



  Algorithm -
  • Performance enhancements
  • Event-based connections for TileEntities
 Systems -
  • Fission Reactor
  • Fusion Reactor/Plasma

Ores -
  • Thorium
  • Cable (Micro, Nano, Femto)
  • MicroCube
  • MicroEngine
  • Atmospheric Charging Base (Micro)
  • Atmospheric Charging Coil (Micro)
  • Atmospheric Charging Cap (Micro)
  • Orbital Equalizer (Micro <-> Nano)
  • NanoCube Frame
  • NanoCube Port
  • Geothermal Charging Coil (Nano)
  • Geothermal Charging Base (Nano)
  • Fission Reactor Core (Nano)
  • Fission Reactor Housing (Nano)
  • Null Energy Equalizer (Nano <-> Femto)
  • FemtoCube Frame
  • FemtoCube Port
  • FemtoCube Chassis
  • Stellarator Core (Femto)
  • Stellarator Housing (Femto)
  • Stellarator Focus (Femto)
  • Stellarator Optical Maser (Femto)
  • Plasma Turbine (Femto)
  • Plasma Condenser (Femto)
  • Plasma Vent (Femto)

  • Micro
  • Nano
  • Femto