Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Actual Content

Hey Guys,

Been taking these couple of days to just unwind and think about actual usable things to add to Femtocraft.

Had a good bit of fun coding up a block + tileEntity movement system.

Crappy Gifs:

Moving blocks

Moving pistons

Moving TileEntities

The way I think I'm going to implement it is as a configurable-face block.  With an interface device, you'll mark 2 sides.  The block will only work if 2 and only 2 sides are marked.  A redstone rising pulse will cause the blocks on those sides to swap.


Some more crappy gifs, but...

The one in the center back has its sides configured to swap the two closest to the cam.

Placing a redstone block triggers the pulse as well, pulling the redstone to the top of the block.

 Placing the block on top of the one on the left, moves it inbetween the two blocks.  This then triggers the block on the right, moving it to the top of that block.

Here we can see the coloring to let you know the block is setup wrong.  Here we have too many active sides.  The two reflecting the two connected blocks, plus the one on top.  Thus, the block stops working and every side turns red to reflect invalid state.

So I started to have some fun...

What horror hath I wrought?

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