Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why it's taking so long.

Hey everyone, long time no message.

Several recent Reddit posts have brought significantly more interest to Femtocraft. 
Unfortunately, I haven't been working on this nearly as much as I want to.  School right now consumes so much of my time that I can maybe eke out a day every couple of weeks to make a few changes, but nothing major.

However, that isn't to say that I'm giving up.  I know that Femtocraft will have a long run ahead of it if I can push it out, and that's definitely something I'm committed towards doing. 

If you want to stop in and say hi, I sit in the irc channel #Femtocraft on esper.net.  Feel free to come in and talk.  If you want to contribute, Femtocraft is open source.  I'm always happy to see more people interested in modding!