Getting Started

Build a research computer, and familiarize yourself with the interface.  Clicking on a technology opens an informational menu.  Technologies that are flashing are discovered but not researched.  In order to research a technology, you first need a Research Console.

Research Consoles are tied to the person who places them.  Thus, each person who is researching will need their own Research Console.  In the discovered technology GUI, look at the crafting grid in the top right.  You need to recreate that grid in the Research Console, at which point the accompanying research should appear.  Press Research to consume those items and start experimentation.  Once that is done, a research card should pop out of the machine.  Right click with the card in hand to research that technology, and discover new ones.

For those working together in a single base, despite Femtocraft's individual research requirements.  You may have noticed being locked out of your friend's tile entities.  They need to use the
/femtocraft command.  Simply type this and it should print out all the necessary information to continue.  To allow others to access and use your tile entities, you need to add them as an assistant.  Tab complete will work for all commands, as well as rotate through all online players.  Also, OP/Creative players will be able to access your tiles whether or not you added them as an assistant.

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