Tuesday, August 16, 2016

1.10.2 Rendering


I'm pretty much exactly back to par in 1.10.2.

My tile entities render, dynamically, through .objs.  Even better, they render in-inventory and in-hand dynamically as well.

Otherwise, I have rotatable, colored machine blocks, beams still render like before, as do particles.

The end result is that rendering works, and from a certain point of view, works better than it did in 1.7.10.

Will continue to work on gameplay mechanics, but I have a very small initial goal set.  After I get everything working there, I will continue to expand (similar to Femto 1, but with actual mechanics in mind.)

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Hey all!

Just finished getting ItszuLib to 1.10.2.  Started working on Femtocraft today.

Better yet, I also have a plan for Femto, and a roadmap! \o/

Otherwise, still alive, still kicking.  Finding time to work on this when I can, but I'm not out yet!