Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hi Reddit

So I guess no more hiding for me.

As such, this is both an acknowledgement post and a miniature update.

I have just finished my summer job, so time has opened up again.  I am continuing to work on this, and am slowly but surely whittling down all the little odds and ends. 

I'm not certain whether to release this as 1.6.4, or to spend a couple days updating to 1.7.10 before the first release.  The issue there being, 1.6.4 is dying off and almost everything has gone on to 1.7.*.  If I release 1.6.4, I can't guarantee many fixes/updates to that version, as I'm probably going to try and update it asap.  However, if I don't release a 1.6.4 version, there are still several large packs that haven't updated yet, and I miss potential users there.  Oh well, something to think about for the future.

Otherwise, I'll be updating this some more in the near future with all the extra things I have been working on but just haven't found the time to format together into a post.