Sunday, May 4, 2014

Progress Update 2

 It's been awhile.  Finishing the semester and all that.  Job for this summer is coming through, which means it's extremely likely I'll be TA-ing at the NHSGA program at Carnegie Mellon this summer!  Yay!  However, it also means that I won't be able to work much on this for a large chunk of the summer.  I'll likely be heading out around the second week of June, which means that my time frame will move to to compensate.  Hopefully, I can finish the rest of the basics this month, leaving June for bug testing/catching.  Depending on the timeline, I may release earlier than that.

This will be a short post so I can get back to work.

in progress



  • Graphing Algorithm
 TileEntities -
  • Research Console
    • For putting research materials into, and performing the actual work of researching.
  • Research Computer
    • Allows players to view their current Technologies, and see what is required to advance into other areas.
Items -
  • Portable Computer
    • Portable research computer



  • Rebalance  
  • Assembler Recipes
  • Time Recipes
  • Dimension Recipes

Ores -
  • Titanium
  • Platinum
  • Farenite
  • Malenite - Nether
TileEntities -
  • Encoder
  • Reconstructor (Micro, Nano, Femto)
  • Deconstructor (Micro, Nano, Femto)
  • Furnace (Micro, Nano, Femto)
  • Crystallizer (Micro, Nano, Femto) Being moved to mining submodule
  • Horologe (Nano, Femto)
  • Entangler (Nano, Femto)
  • Vacuum Tube (discriminating)
  • Vacuum Hub
  • Suction Pipe
  • Compression Chest (Micro, Nano, Femto) Being moved to storage/utility submodule
Items -
  • Ores
  • Schematics
  • Deconstruction/Reconstruction materials
  • Interface Devices (Micro, Nano, Femto)



  Algorithm -
  • Performance enhancements
  • Event-based connections for TileEntities
 Systems -
  • Fission Reactor
  • Fusion Reactor/Plasma

Ores -
  • Thorium
  • Cable (Micro, Nano, Femto)
  • MicroCube
  • MicroEngine
  • Atmospheric Charging Base (Micro)
  • Atmospheric Charging Coil (Micro)
  • Atmospheric Charging Cap (Micro)
  • Orbital Equalizer (Micro <-> Nano)
  • NanoCube Frame
  • NanoCube Port
  • Geothermal Charging Coil (Nano)
  • Geothermal Charging Base (Nano)
  • Fission Reactor Core (Nano)
  • Fission Reactor Housing (Nano)
  • Null Energy Equalizer (Nano <-> Femto)
  • FemtoCube Frame
  • FemtoCube Port
  • FemtoCube Chassis
  • Stellarator Core (Femto)
  • Stellarator Housing (Femto)
  • Stellarator Focus (Femto)
  • Stellarator Optical Maser (Femto)
  • Plasma Turbine (Femto)
  • Plasma Condenser (Femto)
  • Plasma Vent (Femto)

  • Micro
  • Nano
  • Femto