Sunday, December 27, 2015

One Year Ago

Well, close to.

Hard to imagine that it was just a year ago that I "released" Femtocraft 1.

Well, I'd like to say that we've come a long way since then, but we all know it's not exactly true.  However, it's also not a lie.

Yeah, I don't have a release for you this year.

But.  What I have been working on feels and looks like it will be a much better core experience than Femtocraft 1 could ever be.  I have to say, scrapping Femtocraft 1 after putting so much time into it was one of the harder decisions I could ever do.  After one year, I can say that I have very few regrets about doing so.  My one regret is that, in doing so, I wouldn't have anything out for you players to enjoy.  I am glad, however, that there isn't something out there that I didn't feel proud of putting out there.  Not to say I wasn't proud of Femtocraft 1, but I know that it wouldn't have lasted a year in the state it was in.  I know, that when Femtocraft 2 is finished, not only will I be proud of putting it forth, but I know also that it will last, because unlike Femtocraft 1, it doesn't rely on layers of gimmicks.

As far as releasing Femtocraft 2.  I have a basic feature set I'm looking to complete.  It will by no means be the entire mod, but it will have gear to make and machines to build.

I have no time frame for this.  Just know that I cannot wait to put my thoughts into the world and to let you all share in what I am imagining this can be.  The first release won't be this.  Nor will the second, or third.  It will be a continuous process and I cannot wait to partake with you all.

Hope you all had a great holiday break and wishing you all a happy new year!


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Video Overview

Hey everyone!

Just finished off another stream.  Had a BSOD after the first 30 minutes, so I got delayed a little bit.

Here's the full video:

But also, I want to draw your attention to a specific portion that I set aside as Highlight:

This is a 30 minute walk through of everything in the mod so far, plus some of the design decisions I made to get there.

I'm still planning on keeping up a regular streaming schedule.  I appear to actually get things done when I stream, so that's a good reason to keep doing them!

Thanks everyone who came to watch, and I hope more people show up as well!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


As those of you who follow my twitch stream know, I have been streaming me coding again, recently.

This is mostly just as an extra prod for me to get my ass in gear, but you're all definitely welcome to come in and say hi.  It keeps me interested and motivated, and it lets you all know I'm not dead.

The stream link, just fyi.