Friday, September 30, 2016


These 'it's been awhile, sorry, not a lot has been done' posts are getting a little too routine for my liking.

This one's excuse?  WoW.

That, and a lot of things just happened in quick succession at work and I found myself in a position of much more responsibility than I was anticipating.

The irony is I always find myself much more willing and (wanting) to code after work/school, when I have been coding a lot during work/school.  Something about doing something I really enjoy for someone else makes me really motivated to do it for myself.

The opportunity the last month to capitalize on this feeling was instead taken by WoW.

But good news is, my main character is pretty much capped, so there's no real constant drain on my time gone to Legion's end-game grind anymore.  Now we're just dealing with work stress, which I pray starts to resolve in the next few weeks.

When it's not one thing, it's another, right?

Oh and I finally finished dropping those 25 lbs I started working off in April and hit my goal weight of 200 this past week.  Hopefully now I don't put it all back on.