Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mini Update

Hey everyone.

Two quick pieces of news.

One!  Industry rework is in the works.  Expect something good :)  When I have a working prototype you can be sure I'll share it.  Along with this, school work is decently easy for the first half of the semester, so I should be able to get some work done.  I might even pop up a surprise stream or two.  Expect them Wednesday/Friday, if I do them.

Two!  Our good friend n0rw0lf, developer of Femto Photonizers, a conversion of Femtocraft OP power to RF, has graciously lent his services as a graphics designer, and given us some kickass forum banners.  Feel free to use where you will.  If you can, please make them a link back here, so people know what you're excited about!


Use in a BBCode signature.


Use in a BBCode signature.

Thanks for keeping with it, all!

Here's to more progress to come!

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