Saturday, April 19, 2014

Technology Tree


The technology tree is finally finished!  What I mean by this is that all of the major unlocks (new machines or major technology uplocks) are finally mapped to their Technologies.  Non-major Items used in crafting/assembling these machines will simply be bundled into the the existing technologies.

For your perusal, I'll link it here.
Femtocraft Technology Tree

Now something you may notice is that there are a LOT of connections.  Not only this, but these often span across technologies and overall make it difficult to read and understand.

Another problem is that this isn't extensible.  If I, or someone else, wants to add in technologies somewhere, they need to manually place where their technology goes, and pray that it doesn't overlap someone else's technology.  As such, I'm currently looking into acyclic directed graph drawing algorithms.  This will, when the mod is loading and all technologies have been registered, compute this graph in hopefully a neat and readable manner.  This will also allow for other mods to add in their Technologies and not have to worry about placing them. 

Yes, this will take time.  Yes, it might be buggy.  However, it'll solve a lot more headaches in the future than it'll cause now, and since I have the time to work on this at the moment, I feel it's something worth investing time into.  Plus, it'll be fun!

Also, as part of a mini-update.  Almost done with classes!  One week and one paper left.
Still waiting on hearing back from a University about a summer teaching position.  If I get in (which I dearly hope), then I've got the next two months free to try and pump this out before heading there.  If not, its likely that I'm going to pick up a research job at my University here, which means that it'll be competing for time with this.  Either way, I'm not going to give up on Femtocraft, and I still am intending to hold to my end of June deadline.

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