Saturday, April 5, 2014

Progress Update



...has not stopped!  I just have been working on many little things that I don't feel were worth individual posts, but now I have something big done I felt I could throw them in here.

I broke down the research data into individual files per character.  Thus, if one character's research got corrupted, it would be easier to save/restore/edit, and in the end wouldn't break anyone else's research. 

I've also been refactoring the majority of my industry TileEntity classes.  Long/short of it is that it is very simple to make the upgradeable tiers and I can pump each one out in under an hour.  Also, the 3 main machines (Furnace/Reconstructor/Deconstructor) all support working on an ItemStack whose size is greater than 1.  I.E.  Furnace can smelt a stack of Iron of size 8.  They also all support instant work.

I finished the Encoder TileEntity (look for an update concerning this and the Reconstructor) soon.  This finishes the Encoder/Deconstructor/Reconstructor trifecta.

The GUIs for the majority of the Industry/Power machines have been made.

Long and not least, the Tech Tree is almost finished.  I just need to wrap up the Femto tier technologies, and then put it all into code.  This also means that I have decided on a scope for release of Femtocraft, and will discuss that now.


What will be in the first release?


As I said in previous posts, Femtocraft is intended to be the core mod for several up and coming mods I intend to release.  As such, it will provide a solid base and not much else.

Each additional mod will address a portion of the game/Femtocraft and I will refer to these portions as "Submodules."

Current list of planned Submodules

  • Industry
    • Smelting/Ores/Deconstruction - Reconstruction, Mass
  • Power
    • Femtocraft  core Power generation
  • Research
    • Femtocraft Tech Tree system
  • Nanites
    • Player-based upgrades, World Generation (Nanite infested biomes, stable, unstable)
  • Creatures
    • Machine-based Creature harvesting.  Vats and Feeding.
  • Tools
  • Utility
    • Teleportation, Anti-Gravity fields.

Femtocraft will release with Industry, Power, and Research submodules.




in progress




 TileEntities -
  • Research Console
    • For putting research materials into, and performing the actual work of researching.
  • Research Computer
    • Allows players to view their current Technologies, and see what is required to advance into other areas.
Items -
  • Portable Computer
    • Portable research computer



Ores -
  • Titanium
  • Platinum
  • Farenite
  • Malenite - Nether
TileEntities -
  • Encoder
  • Reconstructor (Micro, Nano, Femto)
  • Deconstructor (Micro, Nano, Femto)
  • Furnace (Micro, Nano, Femto)
  • Crystallizer (Micro, Nano, Femto)
  • Horologe (Nano, Femto)
  • Entangler (Nano, Femto)
  • Vacuum Tube (discriminating)
  • Vacuum Relay
  • Suction Pipe
  • Compression Chest (Micro, Nano, Femto)
Items -
  • Ores
  • Schematics
  • Deconstruction/Reconstruction materials
  • Interface Devices (Micro, Nano, Femto)




Ores -
  • Thorium
  • Cable (Micro, Nano, Femto)
  • MicroCube
  • MicroEngine
  • Atmospheric Charging Base (Micro)
  • Atmospheric Charging Coil (Micro)
  • Orbital Equalizer (Micro <-> Nano)
  • NanoCube Frame
  • NanoCube Port
  • Geothermal Charging Coil (Nano)
  • Geothermal Charging Base (Nano)
  • Fission Reactor Core (Nano)
  • Fission Reactor Housing (Nano)
  • Null Energy Equalizer (Nano <-> Femto)
  • FemtoCube Frame
  • FemtoCube Port
  • FemtoCube Chassis
  • Stellarator Core (Femto)
  • Stellarator Housing (Femto)
  • Stellarator Focus (Femto)
  • Stellarator Optical Maser (Femto)
  • Plasma Turbine (Femto)
  • Plasma Condenser (Femto)
  • Plasma Vent (Femto)

I have not yet thought about the items required to make these, and so they aren't listed as of yet.  This list is 90% set in stone.  I may add/remove minor things, as I come close to my intended release sometime in June.



Work hasn't stopped.  Lots of minor things.  Look for more soon.  First release is industry, power, research and ore gen, no biomes or monster entities. 

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