Saturday, May 14, 2016

Slow Progress is Slow


So I finally got ItszuLib compiling on 1.8.9.  Doesn't necessarily mean it's actually working, though.

Life has been busy with a lot of things lately, and I started up an exercise regimen which is eating up a good portion of my evenings.  However, I'm finally settling into that and not feeling the effects of it too much anymore, which is getting me my evenings back once again.

I'm reorganizing the setup once again.  Though I have my code on my own site, it's almost certainly not going to stay there.  I misunderstood some things, and one thing which I want to do away with is the fact that no one can pull request my code in its current setup.  To enable pull requests, I need to enable other users to make new repositories on my own machine, which will then lead just to multiple copies of the same project on my machine, and no other projects.

So to that end, I'm almost certainly going to move back to the main Gitlab website for the main copy of the project.  I'll still keep a remote repository on mine for backup, but that way if anyone feels like contributing they are now able, and we keep the assured up time and don't rely on my local isp.

Mod progress?

Just more design ideas.  You's really hard, as someone who solves problems for a living, to try and introduce interesting problems for YOU guys to solve.  I keep wanting to eliminate these issues myself, or I see the problem and think it's too easy/too hard.  That and carving out some brand new mechanics for you guys to play with is hard as well because all too often I reduce it down to just itemstack / machine gui interactions and then it's not distinguished enough....or I go too far the opposite direction and then "wtf is this" and it's some hugely archaic system for almost no real interesting gains.

But we'll see.

Until next time.

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