Monday, March 21, 2016


Hey guys!

I'm still alive!

And with changes.

This blog's days are limited.

I'll be moving towards a new url

It's not up yet, and I'll post here the moment I get it set up.  However, other things ARE working!

The first now hosts my repos.  It's also mirrored on as well, so if you can't catch it here catch it there.
The second hosts my build artifacts!  Want to try the latest, breaking build of Femtocraft?  Grab both it and its dependency ItszuLib right there!  Right now, it's still VERY proof of concept.  I do not condone using it in any actual packs.  You can...but I won't be reponsible for anything happening.

Design is coming around.
Another refactor sweep from the bottom up is happening, which will make doing what I want to do a LOT easier.
Finally settling into my job and home, and spent my last couple of weeks getting all of this put together.  Should see a lot more updates coming out of me once I get the blog up.  (And hopefully a site to bind it all together...but that's CSS :X)

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